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Experience the game in new ways as you master ball control, unlock your agility and redefine your style and touch, in a pair of adidas football cleats. Designed for professional football, the adidas range of football cleats offers you modern style and performance power to help you play your best game.

Up your game

Play in shoes built for pro football, and play your best game. Our cleat football boots include unrivalled football technology designed to help you master ball control, speed and agility on the pitch. Laceless constructions with supportive mesh uppers provide controlled comfort for perfect touch control. Soft agility meshes provide responsive touch and superior ball control. Agility bandage inspired sock uppers provide perfect support and movement to help you move freely through the game. Skeletalweave, ultraweave grid patterns on laceless designs provide responsive touch control that helps you keep the ball glued to your feet. Speedframe ultralight outsoles help you move like the wind and unlock your full speed on the pitch. Integrated X-Ray vamp cages provide fine skin-like ball touch and let you master precision play.

Choose your surface

Adapt to your playing surface and dominate the pitch with a pair of shoes tailored to your game. Our range offers unrivalled grip and cleat patterns for artificial grass, firm ground, indoor, turf and soft ground boots to help you move quickly and powerfully on any surface.


Football cleats come in men’s and women’s sizes from 1 to 13, with half sizes available to get you a perfect fit that won’t slip as you move. Children’s shoes are available in sizes 10k to 13.5k with soft linings, for a snug fit that protects their feet.