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Staying warm and protected when the wind picks up is imperative for any athlete – and thankfully the adidas WND range has you covered. Featuring fleece-lined rain jackets, wind-resistant woven pants and crewneck tees among other gear, you’ll be well equipped to exercise or even just keep your day moving.

Break the wind and stay in control

When the breeze picks up and the rain sets in, you’ll be thankful you’ve invested in a WND jacket. These practical windbreakers are designed to act as the perfect outer layer, keeping you warm and dry on the inside. Boasting fleece linings, the jackets provide insulation and keep you shielded from the elements. Built with lightweight materials and featuring tactically positioned zip vents, breathability is maximised – you’ll be able to tackle even the toughest training routines in your adidas WND gear.

The WND range includes dynamic tights and pants that are designed to let you move freely even as the wind picks up. With tapered fits and elastic features, you’ll stay warm without having to sacrifice freedom of movement. Reinforced woven overlays resist the breeze and provide a strong external layer to ensure your comfort. These sporty pants and tights are ideal for exercise or just everyday wear when the weather is foul.

Make sure that you’re ready to train with the WND line of casual sport shirts. With a relaxed crewneck cut and short sleeves, optimal range of motion is delivered and you’ll be all set for the day ahead. Built with soft fabrics that utilise recycled polyester, both you and the environment will be feeling on top of your game. For the production of W.N.D shirts, adidas has partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative to improve farming conditions across the world. adidas W.N.D gear is lightweight, functional and designed to protect you even when conditions are less than favourable for training.