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Tennis caps


Feel the difference out on the court with breathable materials and mesh panels that increase airflow to make a tennis cap that keeps you cool while still protecting you from the sun.

AEROREADY 3-Stripes Baseball Cap
Baseball Cap
Lightweight Embroidered Baseball Cap
AEROREADY 3-Stripes Baseball Cap

Tennis caps give you the edge out on the court

When the weather is extra sunny you don't want the glare of the sun getting in the way of your next down the line forehand winner. An adidas tennis cap is one of the best and easiest ways to keep the sun out of your eyes. Comfortable materials and adjustable backs make them a simple choice for any tennis player who wants to give themselves the best chance to perform out on the court. With a range of colour palettes and brim designs, everyone can find a cap that suits their fashion and tennis needs.

Adjustable tennis caps fit your needs

adidas has adjustable tennis caps so it's easy to find your perfect fit. Some options also come in a range of sizes with multiple adult sizes as well as youth sizes so tennis players of all ages can benefit from the fit and feel of adidas tennis caps. Some options have moisture-absorbing, breathable materials, making them perfect for pushing yourself to the limit on warm days. Mesh panels add even more airflow meaning you can keep the sun out of your eyes without overheating.

For a sporty look on and off the court

Pair your new accessory with your favourite pieces of adidas tennis apparel for a sporty look that combines fashion and functionality seamlessly. Our tennis caps are versatile enough to be useful across a range of outdoor sports including cardio like biking and running so you can use them for all your fitness needs. They're also stylish enough to be worn out on the streets for a fashionable, everyday look. Most of our caps can be kept fresh and clean with a delicate machine wash using cold water.