Tennis shoes

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Benefit from the technologies in tennis shoes

Gain an advantage over the competition with a pair of tennis shoes from adidas. With a selection of classic and colourful designs for men, women and children, your whole family can reap the rewards of the tennis footwear collection. Offering advanced technologies, which help you avoid distractions that unsuitable shoes can cause, you'll be able to stay focused on winning the next point. Superior grip helps you to stay on your feet when it matters the most. Lightweight materials don’t weigh you down so you can get around the court with ease. Cushioning gives you a spring in your step and also helps protects against injuries.

Shoes for tennis players who want to up their game

No matter if you’re an amateur or a professional player, suitable shoes for tennis are a requirement for everyone. Whether you’re on a hard court, grass or clay, having tennis shoes which work to enhance your grip and comfort is paramount. A range of enhanced technology, such as breathable and moisture absorbing materials that keep your feet cool and dry, ensures ultimate comfort from start to finish. Finer details, such as abrasion resistant toecaps in women’s tennis trainers to combat friction, means you’ll be able to step out into the arena with confidence.

Tennis footwear that’s created sustainably

We’re proud that our tennis shoes collection has been made in a sustainable way which helps us remain on target to become a carbon neutral company. By using recycled materials, rather than virgin resources, we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. It’s easy to care for your shoes too which will make them last longer. After each use, remove excess dirt and then wipe down with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Then leave your shoes to dry at room temperature.