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Spikes running shoes


adidas spikes runners are built to provide grip and traction, no matter the surface. With rubberized spike plates and responsive boost midsoles, adidas spikes running shoes adapt to you, to how you run, and to the surface you’re running on.

Advanced technology to fuel your running

adidas spikes runners are built with super-advanced technology to propel you towards super-advanced running. Whether you’re racing the track or the trail, adidas spikes running shoes have everything you need to push you forward. From the rubberized TPU spike plates to the responsive boost midsoles, we’ve got the perfect shoe to take your running to the next level. adidas spikes runners have lightweight mesh uppers, internal fit systems, and perfected areas of stretch and support, so you’re always comfortable no matter what surface you’re running on.

Multiple surface traction for every kind of run

Whether you’re racing a 100-metre sprint or running a cross-country marathon, adidas spikes runners are there to help you beat your personal best. We’ve put years of research and innovation into understanding the right traction and support necessary for every type of surface and every type of run, and we’ve adapted our spikes runners to provide the most responsive and supportive shoes yet. Choose your surface, choose your shoe, choose your goals, and run, setting off with explosive strength and crossing that finish line with total confidence.

Smash your personal best with adidas spikes runners

At adidas, we know it’s all about the support. Your spikes running shoes need to provide the ultimate support, so your confidence soars and your running skyrockets. And that’s precisely what adidas spikes runners do. They’re built for your comfort, so all you need to do is focus on your running, safe in the knowledge that your spikes running shoes are giving you all the support you need to speed across that finish line.