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Our backpacks for boys have been designed to take on all the rigours of the playground, from the inevitable scuffs to the occasional muddy puddle. Featuring spacious compartments and additional pockets, and available in a range of easy to spot in a pile designs, our backpacks are the ideal back to school accessory. With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, there’s something for every child in our backpack range

Boys' backpack designs

Available in a wide array of colours and styles there’s always a bag available to suit your little man. From classic blues, blacks and reds with the 3-Stripes design or plain logos, to graphic patterns inspired by modern pop culture like Marvel and Star Wars, we strive to deliver the best of playground fashion for your children to enjoy.

Boys’ backpack features

Our backpacks for boys feature padded adjustable shoulder straps to keep your young ones comfortable on the school trip. Chest straps allow for adjustable extra support to keep them comfortable if the backpack gets heavy. The top carry handle uses reinforced stitching to provide ease of use and long durability. The bags also offer a large main storage compartment with a front zip pocket for bits and bobs. Inside the bags you’ll find compartments for easy separation of books, tablets and school work from clothes and lunches. adidas boys’ backpacks come with a coated TPE base for durability, essential for the rough and tumble of growing up.

Make life easier with a long lasting boys’ backpack that will stand up to the rigours, trials and tribulations of youth.