Volleyball Shorts

Volleyball shorts by adidas are created with your comfort and performance in mind, using a wide range of technologies and fabrics designed to give more feedback and keep you dry.

Volleyball shorts to reach new levels

The range of volleyball shorts by adidas offers an ideal selection of pants for men and women to choose from. These shorts use a combination of lightweight and breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking materials, designed to keep you cool and dry throughout your gameplay. The reversible shorts are some of the most sought-after items in the collection thanks to the two types of materials that are used. The one side is designed specifically for tougher games, with a more durable polyester mesh that’ll last longer and keep you supported through hard matches. The other side offers a more breathable feel for when you’re taking it easy during practice or playing a less challenging opponent.

On the winning team, with these volleyball pants

Regardless of whether you’re out there discovering the game or playing league games across town, every player aims to win and have fun; but the fun is so much easier when you’re on a winning streak. The range of volleyball pants by adidas is an ideal way to stay ahead of the game. AEROREADY technology is combined with lightweight materials to offer you freedom of movement while keeping you dry. Technology like COLD.RDY is incorporated into some of the volleyball shorts, to help with heat insulation during those colder conditions.

We’re just starting

It’s important to be able to rely on your volleyball shorts, whether you’re playing out in the street or indoors. Thanks to the functional design of the adidas range, you’re only a few clicks away from having your shorts delivered. Remember, the best way to make these pants last is to look after them. Hot washes are a no-go. Using a cold or lukewarm wash on a gentle cycle is the way forward. Steer clear of irons and dry cleaners. Leave your pants out to dry on the line and bring them in as soon as they’re dry.