Koripallo Huppari

Keep warm and toasty in basketball hoodies that you can wear for training and to cut an envious figure on the street. Get the latest trends and designs right here at adidas.

Basketball hoodies for players and fans alike

There's nothing quite like a hoodie for warmth, comfort and versatility. They're exceptionally good at keeping the elements at bay – whether you're watching the action from the stands, practising in cold weather or warming up for on-court action. You can choose from a wide selection when you shop online at adidas. We offer basketball hoodies suitable for everyone from young kids to adults, in a unisex range that makes it easy to shop in one place online for all your needs and have your comfy hoodie delivered to your doorstep.

Hoodies for basketball with modern fabric technology

Our hoodies for basketball benefit from many decades of working with some of the world's most legendary players and teams. All this experience has filtered down into the very hoodies that you can now buy. Whether you're an active player or just like the basketball hoodies style, we have something for you. We use modern fabric blends to keep you warm without creating a stuffy feeling; a typical adidas hoodie is made from a carefully balanced combination of cotton, polyester and viscose. This provides insulation and a good measure of protection from the elements.

It's the details that count

What makes our basketball hoodies so popular is that we pay attention to the smallest details – because we've learnt what makes a difference from the professionals whom we sponsor. This means that our hoodies are made from a lightweight material that absorbs and retains heat in cold conditions while also getting rid of sweat efficiently, thanks to our sweat-wicking fabrics. Similarly, we use advanced overlapped hoods that fit snugly without needing a drawstring closure.