Get the benefit of basketball shorts with the latest sports technology, like sweat-wicking materials that help keep you fresh and dry. You can wear them casually too, for that ultra-trendy, baggy, inner-city look.

Play the game your way, in our basketball shorts

Here you'll find a wide selection of the latest basketball shorts, made for players of all skill levels. Choose the style you want, from knee-length to thigh-length, and pick the colours you prefer or that match your team's practice kit. You can also get reversible pairs, so you can change things up when you feel like it. While they're designed for on-court action, they also make great casual wear with an urban sports look.

Wonderfully versatile shorts for basketball

Our basketball shorts are made to pro standards, so they're entirely dedicated to the sport. They're made from an advanced combination of polyester double knit and polyester mesh. The double-knit construction makes our shorts for basketball tough and durable, while the mesh imparts breathability to keep you cool and fresh on the court. It's a lightweight material that creates a sweat-wicking effect, preventing perspiration from accumulating through fast evaporation. This helps to cool you down as well, which makes the game more enjoyable.

Taking care of your shorts

Thanks to our modern fabrics and material construction techniques, our basketball shorts are easy to take care of. All you need do is put them in a cold machine cycle with a mild detergent and they'll be ready to wear again. Just make sure you remove them as soon as the wash is finished. You can remove any creases with a cool iron, and you won't need to use a fabric softener. It's worth getting a couple of pairs, especially if you play a lot, so you'll always have fresh shorts to wear while others are in the wash. Take advantage of adidas quality and get yours online with ease.