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White tennis skirts


White tennis skirts are traditional attire that's been given a modern update with adidas. Moisture-absorbing technologies, stretch fabrics, and integrated tights make these skirts the perfect addition to your tennis wardrobe.

White tennis skirts keep you cool under pressure

Breathable fabrics work together with moisture-wicking technology to create white tennis skirts that help you beat the heat and focus on your game. Skirts are always a great option for warm weather days and sporty skirts designed specifically for tennis by adidas will have you striding out onto the court in total confidence. Fall in love with sleek lines that keep you looking stylish and stretchy fabrics that let you move with ease all over the court. Integrated shorts give you the added security that will let you keep your focus entirely on your game. Choose between more traditional loose pleated options and modern slim-fitting styles for a white tennis skirt that suits your needs.

White tennis skirts with integrated shorts to improve your performance

White tennis skirts with integrated shorts are the perfect way to always have an easy outfit at your fingertips. Never worry about finding your short tights amongst the rest of your wardrobe or needing to go out and buy some white shorts to match your skirt with shorts built into the waistband of the skirt. Just like our white tennis skirts the integrated shorts are made from stretchy, breathable materials, providing comfort and cooling around your legs. You'll find them in our options for both women's and girl's skirts so everyone can embrace the freedom that built-in shorts provide.

Keep it fresh on and off the court

Pair your new skirt with your favourite tennis top from adidas for a sleek sporty look you can take on and off the court. Keep them clean by washing them with like colours on a gentle machine wash and always double-check the label for any specific care instructions.