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adidas home workout activewear delivers high performance training with perfect feel and function. Sweat-wicking, breathable fabrics make a difference when you’re sweating it out in the comfort of your own home.

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Staying in is the new going out and we’re increasingly adopting home workout routines to stay fit and get our post-workout glow in the comfort of our own home. The benefits of home training hardly need pointing out – it’s convenient, flexible, good for the planet and easy on the pocket. You don’t need a lot of space, and with the amount of HIIT and other training information online we’re spoilt for choice. You can even move effortlessly from your workout to your home office. Wearing the right training gear really does make a difference and ensures that you put in as good a performance in your front room as you would at the gym.


Whether you're looking for a moment of peace to focus and unwind or you're powering through a challenging HIIT set, our clothes are a pleasure to wear . The extensive adidas home training range has options for both low and high impact workouts, so you can build your perfect home training wardrobe around your favourite activity. Created in soft, high-performance, breathable fabrics, our training gear optimises your workout by wicking sweat away from the surface of your skin to keep you comfortable. Form-flattering leggings and tights are created from supportive, thick material that bounces you through any number of half burpees. Seams are flatlocked for comfort with sleek seamless styles available too. Shorts, tees and tops are cut to allow free and full movement so you can take your stretches as far as your body will let you without restriction.


The clean lines of adidas sports styling run through the collection to bring an energy and coolness to every outfit. With classic monochrome and eye-catching colours to choose from, and timeless 3-stripes detailing, you'll look great whether you're in the home gym or the home office.