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Compression socks

Whether you are taking on long runs or prolonged training sessions in a vigorous and demanding sport, adidas compression socks are a boon to every athlete. By maintaining the right pressure and blood circulation, these socks boost your fitness and performance greatly. Compression socks from adidas are made from supreme quality material that is extremely soft on your skin and provides a feather-light feel. Inspired by your zest and gusto to deliver more than believed, these socks are designed with ground-breaking technologies to deliver high-performance. The material is breathable, with mesh design for adequate ventilation that keeps your legs cool as the heat of the game rises and prevents after-burns. The quick-dry and sweat-wicking material keeps your skin dry and provides soothing care for sores. These stretchable socks provide impeccable flexibility and ease of movement. The comfortable and snug fit offer unmatched support to your muscles to avert pulls and thrusts as you stretch and land after a gravity-defying jump.

Don't miss the best compression socks for improved performance

The compression socks probably the most fortunate thing for athletes. They aid your performance by boosting the circulation of blood and enhancing the delivery of oxygen in your legs. If you pick the right fit, these can lessen the vibrations, and stress that high-intensity activities would cause to your muscles. adidas compression socks are available in various lengths to meet everyone's requirements. You can choose from knee-high or thigh-high socks depending on your chosen sport. You can choose opaque leggings for daily activities or sheer stockings for fashionable street style. To draw maximum benefit, go for an anatomical design that hugs your legs perfectly, provides extra stability and boosts your confidence to deliver your all without hesitation. You can also find models with a colourful touch to bring high-spirit and liveliness to your overall attire. Compression socks are great support that motivate you to outperform yourself during hard plays.

If you think any old pair of socks will be okay for your next workout, you’d better think again. The adidas collection of compression socks includes some of the best you can find, giving a small but all-important boost to any activity. With several different designs to suit your style and sport, you can find the perfect pair to add to your kit bag. And because it’s adidas, the most innovative technology has been used to create sports compression socks that will take you to the next level.

Engineered with Alphaskin

Alphaskin is adidas’ innovative base layer technology, designed to support athletes and minimise distractions to allow them to focus on their game. Each section is carefully engineered to follow the body’s natural movements, including in this selection of compression socks. Made with Alphaskin, these socks use Climacool to wick away sweat and keep you cool and dry. There’s also mesh ventilation to let your feet breathe, and Techfit for vital support at the arch and ankle. The Formotion design takes an anatomical approach to the foot’s movement, with dedicated constructions for the left and right foot delivering the ultimate comfort while in motion. With adidas compression socks, you can find your new secret weapon for the season ahead.

Choose your style

A number of these sports compression socks are official team wear for some of the world’s biggest sports teams, allowing you to assemble the full kit. Others come in a variety of colours to help you coordinate with your own team’s colours or your existing kit. Available in several different heights, from ankle to crew and knee-length, you can find the perfect pair of compression socks to add to your kit bag. All that’s left for you to do is give your all next time you play.