Women’s cycling jerseys

You can cycle in style with women’s cycling jerseys from adidas. Sweat-wicking fabrics make sure you’re dry, stretchy materials promote a full range of movement, whilst insulation ensures you stay warm.

Benefit from technologies in women’s cycling jerseys

Improve your performance with women’s cycling jerseys from adidas. With a selection of advanced technologies used across the range, you’ll be able to enjoy enhanced comfort, allowing you to cycle for longer. Moisture-absorbing fabrics help to soak up sweat when you begin to perspire, so you remain dry for the duration of your ride. Stretchy materials ensure that your movements are not restricted during your cycle, so you don’t get distracted. Insulation on some of the designs keeps you warm and ensures that even on cold days you can stay on the road for longer.

Cycling jerseys for women on the go

Cycling jerseys for women are perfect for those that spend a lot of time on the saddle. Whether you’re constantly commuting to and from work, adventuring out for a long-distance ride or heading indoors on your stationary bike, there are women's cycling jerseys for everyone. With added extras, such as breathable fabrics so you don’t overheat and zip pockets so you can store your valuables, you’ll be all set for your next cycle.

Cycle for the environment

As cycling is a form of transport that is environmentally friendly, we’ve ensured the clothing you wear whilst riding is sustainable, too. We’ve used a range of recycled materials to create our women’s cycling jerseys range, so that fewer carbon emissions are released during the production process. Another great way to be eco friendly with your cycling jerseys is to make them last longer. You can find out how to look after your item by checking the easy-to-follow care labels on each item. These tell you how best to wash and dry your jersey for cycling.