Women's cycling shoes

Enjoy the benefits of women’s cycling shoes from adidas. The moisture-absorbing fabric keeps your feet dry; lightweight and firm materials increase power transfer; whilst cleat compatibility means you’re good to go.

Get the most out of your ride, with women’s cycling shoes

Take care of your feet and your feet will take care of you, with adidas women’s cycling shoes. Boasting a range of advanced technologies to enhance your cycle experience, you’ll be able to stay out on the bike for longer. The sweat-wicking fabric soaks up moisture as your feet release heat, so you stay dry even on long rides. Lightweight and firm designs offer the perfect combination to improve power transfer to the pedals. With cleat compatibility too, you can slip straight into your pedals and hit the road.

Cycling shoes for women focused on the finish line

Whether you’re cycling for fun or in a competition, the adidas range of cycling shoes for women can help improve your time. Whether you’re after road cycling shoes or gravel cycling shoes, there is a pair of women’s cycling shoes for everyone. A strong grip on the soles of the shoes means you’re always in control, whilst a sock-like design means no debris will find its way into your shoe. Waterproof and quick-dry material means that even if the weather turns against you, you’ll remain comfortable throughout.

Recycled materials leading the way

As cycling is a green way to travel, we wanted to make sure that your women’s cycling shoes don't compromise your carbon footprint. That’s why we use recycled materials, much of which is retrieved from the seas, to produce our cycle shoe range. Recycling materials helps us to keep on track to meet our goal of global climate neutrality. Making your shoes last longer is also great for the environment, so we’ve made them easy to care for. After removing dirt and muck, you can wash your cycling trainers with warm water and a mild detergent. Then remove excess soap suds and leave them to dry at room temperature.